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HAYNES Labour Hire

Annual recruitment costs are often an operations Manager’s single biggest budget line item. To combat this growing trend companies are now turning to preferred supplier agreements to improve the effectiveness of their recruitment dollar. Many things bring an organisation to the realisation that the time is right to appoint a preferred supplier of, for example, labour hire or plant maintenance agreements. Sourcing contract labour in order to provide the right skills, at the right price, and in the right place is unfortunately much easier to say than to actually achieve. The Haynes Group can supply short and long term labour for sites and projects across the Mining, Civil, Construction, Manufacturing, Gas and Energy sectors.

At the Haynes Group we have also had significant success in forming preferred supplier arrangements with a number of long and short term clients. These arrangements are currently in place with major internal mining houses and are proving to provide our clients with significant efficiency, flexibility and cost advantages. A Haynes Group preferred supplier arrangement ensures that not only will labour costs remain as flexible as possible but our client will have access to the right personnel both where and more importantly when they are required. The ideal preferred supplier relationship is one where the two companies have the same core values and the arrangement both complements and enhances each other’s daily scope of operation.

Labour hire personnel, contractors, and visitors to site may have the necessary industry generic inductions but what about your site specific inductions? By choosing the Haynes Group as your preferred supplier of labour, the job of sourcing additional labour with the right competencies for any type of work a much less stressful chore. For example: The Haynes Group can put together specialist teams of labour hire personnel that would be made available solely to a client. These personnel would be selected with the specialist skills to not only complement each other, but the skills of our clients full time staff. The bonding and improved safety and teamwork that comes from a steady workforce that admire, respect and trust each in each other’s abilities can only be achieved through careful selection and an ongoing fostering of the working relationship. A transient workforce with labour constantly sourced from different suppliers can erode and undermine the bonding fabric of the team. Once this effect begins, safety, productivity, efficiency, quality and workplace harmony suffer and the organisation’s ability to attract and retain key staff members is severely compromised.

Just a few of the many advantages of one such preferred supplier arrangement are listed below:

  • Staff that are site specific inducted and ready to begin work with minimal notice.
  • Staff that will fit in with our client’s staff, promoting an efficient and harmonious team environment.
  • Partnering with a company who is an equal opportunity employer with an unwavering commitment to best practice in Health, Safety, Human Resources and General Business Management principles.
  • Staff that are familiar with your specific site safety and workplace requirements.
  • Support from a business partner that understands the value of providing a quality service.
  • A business partner that will conduct all business operations with honesty and integrity.
  • Quality control becomes easier as you won’t need to deal with a plethora of different service providers.
  • You accounts payable/receivable department will find it much easier to deal with just one account.
  • Specific Induction/Training provided to all Haynes Group personnel ensuring that skills remain current.
  • Open door communication ensures that any requests and queries are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner by designated personnel.

Our motivated personnel will:

  • Work safely at all times!
  • Comply with all client and site safety requirements
  • Look out for the safety of others
  • Report all incidents
  • Assist with any site investigations
  • Have all necessary Generic Inductions & medical clearances

These quality personnel can be made available for a one off shift right through to long term projects as required.